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About wow


When people figure out what I do for living, they look at me with a “WOW” expression… Well, yes, I have a “WOW” job! It’s creative, dynamic, fun and sometimes a little bit crazy. It’s never the same or predictable.

Don’t forget, that behind all my craziness and creativity there are also expertise, professionalism and a strong ability to make everything happens. Creating unforgettable events is my goal, melding traditional design with creative styles is process.

This is the career I built for myself, by myself and it wakes up a burning passion inside me. 

Something more about me

I graduated in Conservazione dei Beni Culturali in Università del Salento and later I crossed Italy to reach one of the most prestigious Art Schools. I achieved a master degree in Art Management in Trentino with a partnership with the MART in Rovereto, a distinguished Modern Art museum.
This was an amazing opportunity, that allowed me to organized several events all around Italy, from exclusive partie to phenomenal corporate events. 

Along the way, I realized that my heart lies in my hometown of Lecce and that the wedding field was where I could express my self the best. So here I am, living and working in this amazing region, that inspires me with its colors and warmth and will never let me down.